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Local Business

 Support Local America!

      As a small business owner
I know how important it is to support your local business. It means a
great deal to me when I hear customers choose our company because we are
locally owned and operated. Originally from Posen, IL, I grew up in the beautiful neighborhoods of Posen and Midlothian. My father, also a local plumber,
showed me how important it is to support my local small businesses.
Whether it be a shop, a bakery, a restaurant or plumbing store. 

Family owned businesses are the heart of America. Fathers, mothers,
siblings, grandchildren, all working together to successfully operate
what they are proud of. Walking into a local business,
you can't help but notice how much pride they have for the place, and
what they work extremely hard for every day. You can even witness a few
good arguments between family members, but nothing like the love they
have for each other.

When you spend your money locally, not only are you helping that
business, you are supporting your local economy. Most of the money spent
locally, stays locally. You support your family/loved ones with any
crazy idea they come up with, might as well support your local
businesses since figuratively they are your family. If you already do
so, thank you. If you haven't taken the time to get to know your local businesses, try it out this weekend. You will be very satisfied with the overwhelming of incredible local businesses. 

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